Do Sunset Stone products have a warranty?
Yes. The warranty on the stone is a 50-year limited warranty.
How does Sunset Stone product hold up in the weather?
Existing applications show no undesirable change after years of weathering.
How do you clean Sunset Stone?
Using water and soap can often clean the surface of Sunset Stone products. We do not recommend the use of a pressure washer.
Do you do installation?
We are more than happy to help you arrange installation with a qualified contractor. Please call us at 303-791-1233 to find out more.
What kind of surface do you need to apply Sunset Stone?
The existing surfaces must present a firm and unified base for the veneer. On exterior applications, it is recommended that all wood surfaces and other surfaces not classified with a “water barrier” should have two layers of 15 lb. felt paper applied before installing wire lath.
Can you seal Sunset Stone?
Yes. However, we recommend a water base sealer that will not leave a residue, which could be a detriment to the look of the stone. Please call us at 303-791-1233 for recommended sealer options.
Can you use Sunset Stone for walkways or patios?
No. Sunset Stone products are not structurally designed for use on walkways, patios, driveways, etc.
Can Sunset Stone be used for water fountains and swimming pools?
No. Regardless of manufacturer, precast stone is not designed for constant contact or submersion with water.
Can Sunset Stone products be cut?
Yes. Sunset Stone are easily cut and trimmed using nippers or with a diamond saw blade. However, if you do cut Sunset Stone, the topical color is not all the way through so you will have an unfinished edge. It is recommended that mortar be lightly applied to the cut edges.
What is the average thickness of Sunset Stone?
1 ½” to 2″ depending on the style and texture of the stone.
How much does Sunset Stone weigh?
The weight of Sunset Stone products is approximately 8 to 11 lbs. per square foot.
Will Sunset Stone products retain their color?
All natural iron oxides are utilized to manufacture Sunset Stone. These oxides, which are the primary coloring elements, carry the same weathering characteristics as real stone. Under normal circumstances, and when applied per manufacturer’s specifications, no undesirable change in color occurs after years of weathering.
Can I install Sunset Stone myself?
Yes. If you are accustomed to working with masonry tools and supplies, anyone can install our product by following the simple instructions on our Installation Specifications page.