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country fieldstone single rock

No two Sunsets
are ever the same.

At Sunset Stone, we’re hands on. Automation has its place, but it’s the knowing hands and eyes of an expert that sets a crafted product apart from a mass-produced one. A Sunset Stone is so much more than the sum of its parts… it’s a labor of love.

hand veining process of making engineered stone veneer

Color that's crafted...
not contrived.

At Sunset, we largely use organic dry colorants which we apply by hand. Hand-veining takes some practice, but the results are stunning and, like a sunset, entirely unique every time.

aggregate weather icons

Beautiful through
and through.

Manufacturing stone is an ancient craft that dates back to the earliest Romans. At Sunset Stone, we honor many of the techniques and practices that result in enduring beauty. For instance, at the core of every Sunset stone is expanded shale aggregate. It helps to eliminate weight and reduce water absorption … contributing to the overall strength and durability of our stone.

ledge stone veneer on outdoor patio charcoal cobble


If you’re looking to make your budget work a little harder, spend some time clicking through our wide selection of manufactured stone profiles. From Tuscan to modern chic, you’ll find the look you want without the slightest bit of compromise.